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Even in the recent Sagawa Kyubin scandal, one company dispensed of enormous sums of money under the guise of "political contributions," in an attempt to use politicians for its own advantage.
However, a new move to do the same thing has resurfaced under the guise of "terrorism measures."
America was able to spread the ideas of capitalism under the guise of democracy all over the world.
There, under the guise of "reviewing," a group lynching was carried out in which 12 people were killed one after another.
The mass media's high-handed behavior under the guise of news gathering is nothing less than arrogance.
He is a quack doctor who uses his alleged supernatural powers as a selling point and who makes money under the guise of religion.
Whatever the reason, I feel you need to face it squarely and not hide it under the guise of wanting to start a new life. It will follow you until you are prepared to deal with it and in the meantime someone else may get hurt.

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